Small and Medium Caliber Weapons Testing

Our 100m Indoor Shooting Range provides real time environmental testing for small and medium caliber weapons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here at DTB, our test equipment meets minimum SAAMI/ANSI specs and you can make sure your weapons perform with the correct reliability, functionality, velocity and accuracy they need when used in adverse conditions.

Employee working inside the DTB 100 meter Indoor Shooting Range

We offer the following weapons testing and weapons evaluation services:

  • High Volume Proof testing of handgun rifle components

  • R & D Test and Evaluation- reliability, failure analysis, fatigue, performance under extreme environmental conditions

  • Barrel Coating Model Analysis and Durability Test

  • 100M Accuracy Testing - barrels to minimum SAAMI spec

  • Weapons Durability and Functionality Testing

  • Weapons Failure Analysis and Improvement Programs

  • Weapon Accessory Evaluation(shot counter, laser sights, scopes, tactical lights, recoil systems)

  • Metallurgical Evaluation

  • Polymer/Composite Evaluation

  • Real time environmental testing

Tests for corrosion, ruggedness and lubricant compatibility will help you determine the operational life of your weapon. DTB’s expertise in the field of Engineering and Testing will help you perform a full evaluation of your weapons performance and provide you with product improvement considerations.

small and medium caliber weapons

Gun Standards

  • ANSI/SAAMI Centerfire Pistol & Revolver Z.299.3, 1993

  • ANSI/SAAMI Centerfire Rifle Z.299.4, 1992

  • ANSI/SAAMI Rimfire Z.299.1, 1992

  • ANSI/SAAMI Shotshell Z.299.2, 1992

  • ANSI/SAAMI Abusive Mishandling Z.299.5, 1996

  • NIJ 0112.03, Autoloading Pistols for Police Officers, 1998

  • MIL G 1298, Gun, machine, caliber .50 browning, M2 heavy barrel, version A

  • Test Operations Procedure (TOP) 3-2-045 Small Arms - Hand and Shoulder Weapons and Machineguns

  • TOP 4-2-016 small arms ammunition

  • TOP 3-2-504 Safety evaluations of hand and shoulder weapons

Employee performing small arms ammunition testing    Setup for Ammunition Testing and Development

Recoil Test & Analysis

  • Customized for any model small arms weapon

  • Pistols, Rifles

  • Tri-axial acceleration

  • Strain gauging

  • Velocity & displacement measurements

  • High speed camera work


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