Enhanced Windblast Test Facility

For over forty years, Dayton T. Brown, Inc. has been providing windblast testing services to evaluate aircrew safety during emergency aircraft egress.

The windblast facility produces a high velocity air flow field similar to the aerodynamic environment external to the aircraft. This is accomplished with the controlled expansion of high pressure compressed air which exits from a rectangular nozzle.

Upon exiting the nozzle, the air impinges on the item under test, which is mounted on the positioning turntable. The dynamic effects on the test item are recorded with high speed video cameras and electronic data transducers for subsequent analysis.

Play the Pilot Ejection Simulation Video performed in our Windblast Test Facility Play the Pilot Ejection Simulation Video performed in our Windblast Test Facility

Read more detail about our safety and survival tests done in our Windblast Testing Facility.


Catapult and Arresting Gear Simulation

DTB is a center of excellence in the area of testing, inspecting and qualifying aircraft catapult and arresting gear, including both aircraft and shipboard components.

Tests conducted include life extension fatigue tests for the arresting gar of the EA-6B, F-18 C/D, S-3, E-2C and C-2A aircraft.

These tests include arresting gear load spectrum development, damage tolerance analysis, corrosion pitting analyses, and striation counting on fracture surfaces to determine crack initiation life.

Click to Play the Aircraft Carrier Acceleration Test Simulation Video Play the Aircraft Catapult Testing Video

DTB also performs conformance inspections on arresting gear hookpoints, stingers, launch bars and carrier arresting gear engine components. These inspections included dimensional and metallurgical inspections including hard coat face evaluations.

We also have an extensive inventory of loading adapters and fixtures used to proof load test these components. Our personnel are familiar with the exacting requirements of catapult and arresting gear and the demands that are placed on them in service.



DTB is certified under the National Security Agency (NSA) TEMPEST Endorsement Program to provide TEMPEST testing services:


DTB can perform testing in accordance with a variety of requirements including NSTISSAM and AMSG specifications.


With over 20 years of TEMPEST experience, DTB can provide a full range of support, from proposals, to control and test plans, laboratory and/or field testing, failure analysis and corrective action, and installation guidance.


Seismic Vibration Testing

Our Vertical and Horizontal seismic vibration facilities, manufactured by the Team Corporation, offer low frequency high displacement vibration capabilities to meet the Bellcore GR-63 Zone 4 Seismic Vibration requirements.

Seismic Vibration Testing

The systems are also used for all types of Mil-Std tests. An example is the shipboard test requirement of Mil-Std-167-1.

Seismic Vibration Testing

Since DTB maintain a hydraulic system in the laboratory supplying over 600 gpm both the vertical and horizontal vibration facilities can be run together. This results in test programs being processed through the laboratory in a very timely manner.


Large Overload Structural Testing

DTB has reconfigurable large overload frames that can be used to quickly and efficiently structurally test your item.


These frames, which measure 32’ x 16’ x 12’ have been used to test aircraft wing pods, truck suspensions, armament systems and more. All jack and reaction locations are continuously adjustable.

Large Overload Structural Testing

DTB has an extensive array of attachment fixtures, clevises and adapters to allow a cost efficient setup.


Using our load control systems and data acquisition systems we can load your item properly and give you the data you and your customer require.


Optical Properties Verification

Dayton T. Brown, Inc. has wide ranging experience in the propagation and measurement of electromagnetic radiation in the visible, infrared and ultraviolet regions.

We maintain a particular interest and capacity with respect to laser eye protection.

Our capabilities include the measurement and evaluation of laser eye protection for helmet mounted displays, night vision goggles and Integrated Modular Helmets in accordance with the latest military specifications in the visible, near infrared and infrared regions.

Optics and Laser Eye Protection Testing

In addition to this proficiency, we also maintain the facilities and equipment necessary to evaluate photometric attributes of light. We retain the expertise to evaluate displays and light sources for Chromaticity, Luminous Intensity, Luminance, Illuminance, Spectral Response and Contrast Ratios.


Helicopter Parts Testing

DTB has alternate source fatigue tested over 100 different critical safety items for the US Army AMCOM.

Alternate source parts must meet the same fatigue life testing requirements as the OEM components.

Helicopter Parts Testing

Examples of this type of testing include the UH-60 Rotor Cuff, CH-47 Swashplate, CH-47 Horizontal Hinge Pin.

For these programs DTB develops, as required, the loading methodology, test fixture design, test plan development and fixture fabrication.

To verify proper loading twp, previously qualified components are tested first and their failure compared to existing data.

Metallurgical examinations confirm failure modes and insure that the proper areas of the component are being “challenged”.

Two alternate source components are then tested and their results compared to the previously qualified components data. A final test report including metallurgical examination is provided to AMCOM for their evaluation.

Below is a list of components that DTB has fatigue tested as part of alternate source qualification testing. Check with us for other components not specifically listed as they may be capable of being fatigue tested using existing test fixtures used for the parts listed below.

AH-1 Tail Rotor HuAssembly 212-010701-009
AH-1 Freewheeling Clutch Inner Race (Kaman) 204-040-190-101
AH-1 Elevator Assembly 209-020-801-126
AH-1 M/R Switchplate Drive Link 209-010-408-7
AH-1 M/R Swashplate Outer Ring 204-010-4037
AH-1 Lift Link Assembly 212-030-104-5
AH-1 Collective Sleeve and Lever, Idle Link 209-010-406-5
AH-1 M/R Swashplate Support Assembly 209-010-404-1
AH-1 Bearing Housing, Hydraulic Cylinder 204-076-317-7
AH-1 Tail Rotor Crosshead 212-020-775-1
AH-1 M/R Swash. Anti. Drive Link 209-010-410-5
AH-1 M/R Swash. Anti. Drive Link 540-001-904-5
AH-1 M/R Swash. Anti. Drive Link 540-001-905-1
AH-64 Strut Assemblies 7-311160060-2
AH-64 Lower Shoe, Hub, Upper Plate 7-311411088-7
AH-64 Nose Gearbox Quill Shaft 7-211320093
AH-64 Controllable Swashplate 7-311511101-19
AH-64 M/R Head Lead Lag Link Assembly 7-311411155-11
AH-64 Rotor Support Assembly Self Locking Bolt 7-2111600040-5
AH-64 Self Locking Bolts 7-211511211
AH-64 Pitch Link Rod End 7-311511137
AH-64 Pitch Link Assembly 7-311411102-05
AH-64 Main Rotor Drive Shaft 7-211320093
AH-64 Rotor Brake Actuator and Disk 7-311360000-11
AH-64 Pitch Housing Assembly 7-311411215-15
AH-64 Bolt, Internally Releived Body 7-211511209-3
AH-64 Fwd. Long. Mixer Bellcrank 7-311511127-5
AH-64 Fwd. Long. Mixer Bellcrank 7-311511127-7
AH-64 Self Locking Rotor Bolt 7-211411133-3
AH-64 Self Locking Rotor Bolt 7-211511134-3
AH-64 M/R Upper Controls, Scissors Assembly 7-311511158-3
AH-64 M/R Upper Controls, Scissors Assembly 7-311511158-5
AH-64 Lateral Mixer Bellcrank Assembly 7-311511123-13
AH-64 Lateral Mixer Bellcrank Assembly 7-311511123-17
AH-64 Bellcrank, Aft Longitudinal Mixer 7-311511125-13
AH-64 Upper Collective Bellcrank Assembly 7-311511117-9
AH-64 Fwd Longitudinal Bellcrank 7-311511127-7
AH-64 Fwd Longitudinal Bellcrank 7-311511127-5
AH-64 Stabilator Actuator Fitting 7-311D10023
AH-64 Main Rotor Damper Trunnion Assembly 7-311411187
AH-64 Tail Rotor Driveshaft Studs HS5155-0377
AH-64 Bellcrank 7-311670024
AH-64 Drive Shaft and Plate 70150-09109-041
UH-60 Aft. Long. Swashplate Link 70400-08110-054
UH-60 Clevis Assembly, Stab. Act. Attachment 70400-06638-043
UH-60 Push Rod 70400-08155-056
UH-60 Manifold, T/R Servo Coupling 70652-06254-043
UH-60 Main Rotor Spindle, -Axial Load 70102-08200-063
UH-60 M/R Spindle Nut 70102-08216-045
UH-60 Transmission Dowel Pins 70351-08404-101
UH-60 Transmission Dowel Pins 70351-08404-102
UH-60 Transmission Dowel Pins 70351-08404-103
UH-60 Transmission Dowel Pins 70351-08404-104
 UH-60 UH-60 Primary Manifold [Fail. Anal.] 70102-08216
UH-60 Pitch Control Rod Lower End 70101-08202-043
UH-60 Pitch Control Rod Upper End 70101-08202-101
UH-60 Push Rod 114H6701-5
UH-60 Swashplate Assembly, Stationary M/R Head 70104-08000-050
UH-60 Foward Longitudinal Swashplate Link 70400-08110-060
UH-60 T/R Gearbox Housing Assembly (Kaman) 70358-26607-042
UH-60 Main Rotor Bifilar Support 70107-08401-043
UH-60 Lateral Servo Rails 70209-22103-050
UH-60 Lateral Servo Rails 70209-22103-052
UH-60 Lateral Servo Rails 70209-22103-054
UH-60 Lateral Servo Rails 70209-22103-056
UH-60 M/R Spindle Horn Assembly 70102-08111-047
UH-60 Stabilator Actuator Clevis Assembly 70400-06638-043
UH-60 Lateral Bellcrank [Failure Analysis] 70400-08150-045
UH-60 Forward Push Rod 70400-08155-055
UH-60 Main Rotor Spindle Horn Assembly 70102-8111-47
UH-60 Bifilar Assembly 70107-08400-046
CH-47 Yoke Shaft Support 114C3044-2
CH-47 Horizontal Hinge Pin, Aft Pitch Shaft Assy 114R2197-7
CH-47 Aft Pitch Housing Assembly 145R2075-15
CH-47 Swashplate Rotating Ring 114R3463-9
CH-47 Inboard Pin Assemblies 114R2168-4
CH-47 Outboard Pin Assemblies 114R168-3
CH-47 Vertical Hinge Pins 114R172-1
CH-47 Housing Ass'y Blade Lag Shock Absorbor 114H6800-5
CH-47 Housing Ass'y Blade Lag Shock Absorbor 114H6801-5
CH-47 Bolt Assembly 114R3650-9
CH-47 Bolt Assembly 114R3650-11
CH-47 Bolt Assembly 145R353-2
CH-47 Bolt Assembly 114R353-2
CH-47 Hydrualic Cylinder 114H6701-5
CH-47 Fwd. Slider Shaft Assembly 114R3052-7
CH-47 Aft Yoke Assembly 114C3043-6
CH-47 Fwd. & Aft Rod Assemblies 414C3046-5
CH-47 Fwd. Yoke Shaft 145C3501-1
CH-47 Swashplate Rotating Ring 114R3464-9
CH-47 Upper Drive Arm 114R3434-5
CH-47 Bolt Assys 114R3650-11
CH-47 Bolt Assys 145RS353-1
CH-47 Bolt Assys 145RS353-2
CH-47 Slider Shaft Assembly 145R3052-3
CH-47 Aft Yoke Assy 114C3043-6
CH-47 Aft Yoke Support Shaft 114C3044-2
CH-47 Fwd Fixed Link Rod 414C3046-8
CH-47 Aft Fixed Link Rod 414C3046-5
CH-47 Fwd. Yoke Support Shaft 145C3051-1
CH-47 Aft Slider Shaft Assy. 114R3053-10


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