Hydraulic Power Supplies


The Dayton T. Brown, Inc. Model CP/S-6250 Remote Hydraulic Power Supply is a self-contained hydraulic pump and fluid conditioning system designed to supply pressurized hydraulic fluid to remote hydraulic test stations.

Hydraulic Power Supply

Performance Characteristics
Pressure: Adjustable from 500-5000 psig
Temperature: Adjustable from 100°F - 160°                     
Flow: Up to 80 U.S. gpm at 3750 psig
Up to 50 U.S. gpm at 5000 psig
Filtration: 3 micrometers absolute

Facility Input Requirements
Electrical Power: 460 VAC, 3 phase, 360AMP
Cooling Water: 62 GPM (at max power), 80 degree F inlet, 20 psid

Power Supply Console: 146 in.(W) x 65 in.(D) x 80 in.(H)
Remote Operator’s Panel: 14 in.(W) x 8 in.(D) x 12 in.(H)


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