Electro Mechanical Gear Box Test Stand


Automated Pump Test Stands: Model VP 5005BI Break-In Test Stand

DTB's Model GB6000R is designed to provide fully automated testing of F-15 airframe mounted accessory drive (AMAD) gearboxes.

The Test System features automation for the operation and application programs. Operation is enhanced by data analysis presentation and self test diagnostics.  The test system uses an AC drive system which provides direct coupled input to the test item.

The Model GB6000R offers significant improvements over existing test stands in reliability, maintainability, and human engineering.

A hydraulically actuated transport cart provides for no-lift connection of the AMAD gearbox to the Test System.

The GB6000R test system is capable of testing all F-15 AMAD configurations in both automated and manual modes.

Performance Characteristics
Drive Horsepower: 25HP
Drive Speed: 6000 rpm maximum
Flow Range: 8 gpm (maximum) from unit under test 35 gpm recirculation loop.
Operating Pressures: 250 psig from unit under test 100 psig recirculation and fluid service loop
Temperature: 160 degrees F maximum
Additional Features: Hydraulically actuated transport cart. Left hand and right hand adapter sets

Facility Input Requirements
  Electrical Power:
Operator's Console: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 1-phase, 15 amp  
Test Stand: 460 VAC, 60 Hz, 3-phase, 100 amp full load including inverter     
Pneumatic: 65-125 psi shop air normal 5 scfm
Cooling Water: 10 U.S. gpm at 80°F at 20 psid

Test Stand Assy: 48 in.(W) x 86 in.(D) x 72 in.(H)
Operator's Console: 24 in.(W) x 29 in.(D) x 72 in.(H)
Inverter Cabinet: 19 in.(W) x 12 in.(D) x 37 in.(H)


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