Testing Services for the Transportation and Shipping Market

Dayton T. Brown, Inc. is experienced in the various test and evaluation procedures used in the transportation and shipping industry. This includes testing involved in the following market areas as an example.

Due to security reasons, the following list is not all-inclusive, it is merely a sampling of DTB capabilities.

  • National Safe Transit Association

  • Air Transport Association of America

  • International Safe Transit Association

  • Railroad Inter-modal Loading

  • Inter-modal Loading for Product in Closed Trailers and Containers

  • Packaging of Airline Supplies

  • Cargo Inspection Systems

  • Security Seals for Shipping Containers

    Security Seal Testing
    We are an approved laboratory for testing Security Seals per ISO 17712:2013 and ASTM 1157-04 specifications.

    To view our A2LA certification for this testing service, please click here. Our in-house machine shop can build adapters and fixtures to fit any size of Security Seals, truly making us your one-stop testing solution.

    For more details on the various types of services that we have available for Security Seal Testing, please take a look at our ISO 17712:2013 High Security Seal Testing Fact Sheet.

  • Security Seal Information Form

  • Mechanical Seals for Freight Containers

  • Common Carrier Transportation

  • United Nations Standards for the Transport of Dangerous Goods

DTB performs a variety of environmental, dynamic and evaluation type of tests many of which are covered or similar to testing identified in MIL-STD-810.

Typical examples of the types of testing include:

  • Vibration (Truck, Tracked, Trailer, Aircraft, Shipboard, Railroad)

  • Bounce

  • Transmissibility

  • Atmospheric Pressure

  • Isolation Systems Evaluation

  • Incline Drop (Room, High and Low Temperature)

  • Impact

  • Leakage

  • Conformance to Drawing

  • Structural Evaluation (Static & Fatigue)

  • Crush

DTB has developed test procedures for customers and in many cases has the available fixtures for performance of standardized tests. We have a full line of instrumentation available to provide our customers with the data needed for full evaluation of their products.

Besides the testing aspects of operations, we can provide a full spectrum of engineering services for failure investigation (root cause), product improvement, design, drafting, structural and dynamic analysis and in field evaluation of failure. 

We can also assist our customers in the development of the test plan, procedures, reports and item specifications for new products and their performance.

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