February 2013

DTB's Portable CMM and Laser Scanning Measurement Arm has arrived!

Dayton T. Brown is proud to announce the enhancement of our inspection and reverse engineering capabilities with the acquisition of a portable FARO Arm CMM with integrated laser scanner.

This adds additional capabilities to our existing hi accuracy fixed CMM’s present in our temperature controlled dimensional laboratory.

DTB engineer scanning with our laser scanning measurement arm

With this world’s most innovative measurement arm we can perform unparalleled part/object 3d scanning and non-contact measurements quickly and accurately.

Our experts in the reverse engineering lab will use this FARO Edge arm to:

  • Calculate geometric, dimensions and tolerances (GD and T) measurements and compare complex geometry, surfaces, and feature positions to nominal data and verify the object’s conformance to the specifications

  • Compare CAD data directly to measurements of the object to detect real-time deviations from the design, saving precious time and significant cost to our customer

  • Perform 3D Reverse Engineering by Digitizing a part or object to create its fully surfaced 3d prototype.


Measurement Range: 9 ft. (2.7m)

Volumetric Accuracy: ±.041 mm (±.0016 in.)

Single Point Repeatability: .029 mm (.0011 in.)

Laser Line Probe:

Accuracy: ±.035mm (±.0014 in.)

Repeatability: 35μm, 2σ (.0014 in.)

Effective Scan Width: Near Field 53 mm (2.09 in.)

Points per Line: 752 points/line

Scan Rate: 60 frames/second; 60fps x 752points/line = 45,120 points/sec


February 2012

DTB receives VSE 2011 Small Business Supplier of Choice Award

VSE Corporation hosted the 2nd Annual VSE Small Business Supplier of Choice awards on January 25th. The ceremony honored six small business teaming partners, who have made significant contributions to company revenue, and the overall quality of support to Federal customers. Applicants were judged on quality and delivery performance, product support and customer service.

DTB receives VSE 2011 Small Business Suppliers of Choice Globe Award

"DTB has been a valuable teaming partner for International Group, and for VSE,” said International Group President Harry Flammang. “This relationship is right in line with International Group's strategic plan going forward. We are looking to team with small businesses that will strengthen our offerings, as well as introduce us to contacts they have developed over the years.”

DTB receives VSE 2011 Small Business Suppliers of Choice Award

“VSE is committed to building relationships with our small businesses, and we work hard to find opportunities to team with companies who share that commitment with us,” said VSE CEO Mo Gauthier. “This year, six companies were recognized as those who have demonstrated VSE’s core values of Integrity, Agility and Value and have gone above and beyond to build enduring relationships with VSE and our customers. We strive to build relationships like these with all of our strategic small business partners.”

DTB and VSE 2011 Small Business Suppliers of Choice Award Representatives

About VSE

VSE is Federal Services Company of choice for solving issues of global significance with agility, integrity and value. VSE marked its 50th year as a government contractor in January 2009 and is dedicated to making our small business teammates successful by delivering talented people and innovative solutions for program management, logistics, engineering, IT services, construction program management and consulting. For additional information on VSE’s Small Business Program, please visit VSE’s web site at or contact Christine Kaineg, VSE Small Business Liaison Officer, at (703) 329-3263.


November 2011

DTB Announces Newest Facility: UD's Largest Shaker, T5500-3

DTB proudly announces the latest addition to its already extensive test facility. Our new Unholtz-Dickie T-5500-3 Vibration Test System is the most advanced in the world. DTB is the ONLY independent test lab with this capability.

This new equipment has a force rating of 55,000 pounds for sine and random vibration and 100,000 pounds for shock. It also has a 3 inch stroke with an integrated slip table. 

The T-5500-3 can be used for combined environment testing-temperature + vibration and temperature/humidity + vibration and comes with a self aligning 60" by 60" head expander for larger test items.

Dayton T. Brown Inc 100 meter Indoor Shooting Range for Small Arms Weapons Testing

With the T-5500-3, DTB remains the leader in being able to meet the ever-changing demands and challenges of today's commercial, aerospace, and military testing world. We are able to handle even the most extreme level of vibration requirements and we are capable of testing all this with a 3 inch displacement.

Since our system has an integrated slip table assembly, we will eliminate wasted set up time in the horizontal vibration direction, making testing time more cost efficient for our customers!

If you need expert efficient vibration testing services, contact us today.


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