Metallurgical and Materials Services

We are a full-service metallurgical
performs detailed parts
root cause failure
investigations ranging
from aircraft structural
components to
electronics packaging,
test programs in
corrosion analysis
and control, wear,
abrasion and
erosion evaluations,
coating replacement studies,
weld evaluations,
reverse engineering programs,
and the development of
non-destructive techniques.
Fatigue Fracture in Gear (MPI-UV) Debonding Failure in an Elastomeric Mount
Fatigue Fracure in HSS Gear Multisite Fracture in a Rotary Wing Structure
Damage Analysis in an Aerospace Bearing Assembly Elastomer-Metal Interface Debonding Analysis
Microfocus CT of a Composite Blade Root 7075 Al Matrix and EDS Spectrum of 7075 Al Matrix.
Grease Pattern Analysis in Tailboom Assembly Failure Composite Blade Root Fiber Detection

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