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Dayton T. Brown, Inc. performs certification testing on automotive safety restraint systems to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 209, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 213 and Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 209 specifications.

These include Seat Belt Retractor, Seat Belt Assembly and Webbing Testing. Retractor testing includes Retraction Force, Acceleration Performance and Life Cycle tests.

Assembly testing comprises of Pelvic Loop Load and Elongation, Torso Loop Load and Elongation and Buckle Strength Tests. The Webbing testing involves Strength, Elongation, Abrasion and Ultraviolet Light Exposure.


Electronic Hardware

Electrical components that DTB conducts many types of accelerated life tests on each year include environmental stress screening tests on electrical circuit boards, aircraft radio receivers and other electrical equipment.

DTB can provide a wide variety of power sources, high current levels, large wattage load banks and cooling supplies to operate items under test.

A typical environmental stress screening test is shown here ---> 


Plumbing Fixtures

DTB has a long history of service to the plumbing industry. We are one of only a handful of Independent Test Labs certified to the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) for plumbing fixtures and components as well as the IAPMO in the US for multiple tests.

We have dedicated facilities that provide automated life cycle testing under real world conditions.

When reliability and product image count for your company, you can count on DTB to design a test that will deliver the results that you expect.


Commercial and residential applications, as well as industrial components, all require their own unique levels of reliability and performance.

Whether its ambient cycling, pressure or water hammer tests, or even temperature affects that you need to evaluate, we have the expertise to assist you with a test design that is appropriate for you.



DTB uses our large facilities and the 24/7 operation of the laboratory to provide DV and PV testing in the shortest amount of time possible.

Using our high powered vibration facilities we are able to vibrate 12 to 24 driver or passenger airbags, at the desired environment. These vibration facilities also handle 4 to 8 full IPs at a time.

Our drive-in environmental chambers are used to test entire lot samples at one time, further reducing testing time. We use our Solar Radiation array of lights to test the materials of these IPs to provide ample confidence of proper deployment in the vehicle, simulating many years of service.

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