Environmental Simulation for Product Environmental Testing

We can simulate YOUR specific environmental testing requirements to satisfy your product environmental test in our A2LA/NVLAP Lab.

You manufacture your product under ideal conditions with the tightest tolerances. But it must function to capacity anywhere on earth and beyond, sometimes in the harshest of environments. Here's how our rigorous environmental testing services can help ensure that it does:


Solar Radiation Testing

Environmental Test: Solar Radiation Testing

DTB has multiple solar array facilities throughout the laboratory. Our largest, which conforms to MIL-STD-810G can test an item 8 Ft x 12 ft.

Additionally, we have two (2) smaller facilities for test items that can fit within a 60 in and 24 in. diameter test area.

The combination of the three (3) solar light arrays and the number of chambers we can place them in, permits meeting the most demanding environmental testing schedules.


High Temperature / Low Temperature

Environmental Testing: High Temperature Test/ Low Temperature Test

Our environmental testing chambers vary from 2.1 to 3500 cubic feet. Our standard facilities simulate temperatures from -80°F to +350°F and our enhanced facilities go from -150°F to+450°F.

Relative humidity can range from 2% to 100% RH.

We have over 30 high/low temperature environmental testing chambers, the largest being our new 25ft deep by 15ft wide by 12ft tall drive-in environmental test chamber that is coupled with over 240 Hp of refrigeration, 240,000 KVA of heat and a 42 KVA Steam Generator for humidity test requirements.


Salt Spray and Salt Fog

Environmental Test: Salt Spray and Salt Fog CorrosionTesting

Accelerated corrosion atmospheres can be produced for the effects of salt and sea mist.

Here at DTB, salt spray and salt fog corrosion are applied to items as large as a pick-up truck.

Other contaminants, like SO2, can be added to our salt fog testing chambers according to desired environmental testing conditions.

Testing is performed in accordance with MIL-STD-810G, ASTM B117 and ASTM G85 Annex A4.


Icing / Freezing Rain

Environmental Testing: Ice,  Freezing Rain

Need rain?

We'll give you a spring drizzle, torrential wind-driven rain, or anything else, including freezing rain and ice.

Using our large drive-in and walk-in environmental testing chambers we can produce inches of ice on very large or small test items.


Thermal Vacuum

Environmental Testing: Thermal Vacuum Test

Our thermal vacuum environmental testing chamber is 4ft in diameter and 6ft deep, with heating and cooling that can be accomplish by two methods.

The first is by direct contact through the use of a chill plate; the second is through the use of the thermal vacuum chamber's shroud.


Humidity Test

Environmental Testing: Humidity Test

DTB humidity test chambers range in size from our large drive-in environmental testing facility that is 25ft deep by 15ft wide by 12ft tall, to our standard humidity test chamber, which is 64 cu ft in volume.

All such humidity test chambers meet the requirement of Mil-Std-810. They can reach temperatures to 185ºF(85ºC) and Relative humidity of 100%.


Altitude Test

Environmental Testing: Altitude Test

Our environmental altitude testing facilities simulate altitudes from Death Valley at -14.1 meters (-282 feet), to outer space at 24,300 meters (80,000 feet).

An altitude test is performed in our (6) environmental altitude testing chambers that are all connected to a group of vacuum pumps, which can all be applied to any one chamber.

The result is that a rapid rate of change in altitude can be performed, as well as the standard type of altitude change.


Explosive Decompression

Environmental Testing: Explosive Decompression

Using our 10ft diameter by 20ft long altitude environmental testing chamber as the accumulator, we can obtain a wide range of rapid decompression requirements.

That large volume of the chamber combined with the (8) vacuum pumps permits a large array of possibilities when the decompression occurs.


Explosive Atmosphere

Environmental Testing: Explosive Atmosphere

This environmental testing assures the safety of a component exposed to explosive vapors or to other dangerous environments.
Our environmental testing facility can be used to test the most complex flight electronics system or a shop vacuum used in a gas station, in order to verify proper operation in the explosive atmosphere environment.


Fluid Compatibility

Environmental Testing: Fluid Compatibility

Subjecting test item or material samples to various types of fluids as required by either the Mil-Std environmental testing requirements or the test item's actual Life Cycle.


Combined Environment

Environmental Testing: Combined Environments

We own six such environmental simulation testing facilities, combining temperature/humidity chambers with electro-dynamic vibration facilities.

The environmental simulation chambers have rapid rates of temperature change and the vibration facilities can handle 18,000 force-pound loads, with frequencies up to 2000 Hz.


Fungus Test

Environmental Testing: Fungus  Test

In hot and humid environments, fungus can cause equipment damage and create a health liability.

We'll simulate these ill effects in a controlled environmental test. DTB has a dedicated fungus chamber to subject either a test item or items to the Mil-Std fungus spores.

This environmental testing requires 24/7 oversight to insure that the proper fungus test conditions are maintained.

Control samples are included in all environmental tests to ensure that proper conditions have been maintained to grow the fungus spores.


Sand and Dust

Environmental Testing: Sand and Dust

We can recreate a desert storm or the air blast from an aircraft with the wind-driven abrasion and erosion of sand and dust, combined with actual temperatures.

Mil-Std environmental testing is performed in our facility that is located outside our main building. The winds for this environmental test are developed using a large electric motor blower assembly.

Two environmental testing facilities can be used for dust testing. The 13ft standard facility is used for smaller systems with an effective work area of 64 cu ft. The second facility is a large drive-in chamber for large environmental test items.


Blowing Wind and Rain Exposure

Environmental Testing: Wind and Rain Exposure

DTB's main wind and rain environmental testing facility is located outside, near our remote facility and employs an adjustable aircraft prop that is coupled to a high power marine engine.

Our blowing wind and rain exposure facility can provide a sprinkle of rain to a downpour and winds up to 75 MPH.

This combination permits DTB to meet Mil-Std-810 as well as other environmental testing requirements that you may have.

The second facility employs our 21ft salt fog chamber and permits wind and rain environmental testing to be performed indoors; therefore this particular environmental test will not be delayed due to weather conditions.


Environmental Testing Equipment and Facilities

Environmental Testing Equipment and  Environmental Testing Facilities

Forty two environmental testing chambers covering a wide variety of environments from 8 cu. ft to 4500 cu ft in a spacious laboratory of 300,000 square ft.

Six walk-in environmental testing chambers with temperature transitions to 9ºF(5ºC) per minute.

Three salt fog environmental testing chambers from 40cu ft to 3000 cu ft.

We carry an inventory of portable heating and cooling equipment with a variety of controls and instrumentation, which we use to construct chambers to meet your specific environmental testing requirements.


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