Vibration Testing

Vibration testing can help ensure that your new design will survive its intended environment. Submitting your product for vibration testing or vibration analysis pays for itself by reducing field return costs through improved product reliability.

Our vibration testing facilities are comprised of 15 electrodynamic and hydraulic multi-axis shakers to provide over 24,400 N (55,000 lbf) in practically any type of vibration testing event - sine, random, sine on random, and random on random testing.

Vibration Testing

We can combine several systems to simulate your anticipated vibration testing conditions – mechanical vibration, pneumatic vibration testing, or hydraulic induced vibration testing combined with various atmospheric/climatic conditions.

Choose which Unholtz-Dickie shaker is appropriate for your vibration job: T5500-3 (pictured below), T-4000, or T1000 vibration system.

The T5500 Test System is the most advanced in the world with a 3 inch displacement capability and the optional head expander in vertical operation. DTB is the ONLY independent test lab with this capability. The T5500 has a force rating of 55,000 pounds for sine and random vibration and 100,000 pounds for shock.

The T5500 and the T1000 both have an integrated slip table for ease of set up and added support. All three shakers, the T5500-3, T4000 and the T1000 can be used for combined environment testing of temperature + vibration and temperature/humidity + vibration. The self-aligning 60" by 60" head expander for larger test items can be used on either T5500 or the T4000.

Unholtz-Dickie shaker T5500-3

Unholtz-Dickie T5500-3

With the T-5500-3, DTB remains the leader in being able to meet the ever-changing demands and challenges of today's commercial, aerospace, and military testing world. We are able to handle even the most extreme level of vibration requirements and we are capable of testing all this with a 3 inch displacement.

Since our system has an integrated slip table assembly, we will eliminate wasted set up time in the horizontal vibration direction, making testing time more cost efficient for our customers!


Combined Environments Vibration Testing

We own six facilities, combining temperature/humidity chambers with electro-dynamic vibration testing facilities. The chambers have rapid rates of temperature change and the vibration testing facilities can handle 18,000 force-pound loads with frequencies up to 2000 Hz.

In a single vibration test, we'll mix it any way you like, and include all the advanced data acquisition you want: mechanical vibration, electrical stress, pneumatic, hydraulic combined with vibration testing, temperature, humidity or altitude.

Combined Environments Vibration Testing

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*Specific photos in banner courtesy of U.S. Department of Defense
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