Dayton T. Brown Inc History, Professional Triumphs and Fond Memories

Our company has a rich history, filled with professional triumphs and fond memories. Here are some little-known facts about us that may surprise you!

Since 1950 …

Number of Man Hours Worked

Our employees have devoted over 11,528,000 man hours to helping manufacturers from around the world build better and safer products.

Number of Test Reports Published

Nearly 40,000!

First Products Tested

Reliability tests on bomb racks and rocket launchers for the Navy, during the Korean War.

Largest Products Tested

Full EMI qualification test on a 10-car train, while it was going 50 miles/hr. The train was 600 ft. long, and weighed more than a million pounds.

ISO Container. These are freight containers, also referred to as intermodal containers, built to the requirements of ISO 668 and ISO 1496. We carried out payload capacity tests and structural integrity tests on this item.

Most Exotic / Complex Test

Tunner Engine – We performed a complete reliability test program by testing simulated conditions of all operational profiles.

UH-1 Main Rotor Yoke – 100,000 lbs. of centrifugal force and a combination of loads were executed on this 20-ft long part, to simulate flight loads for alternate source qualification testing.

F-18 Wingtip Pod – We successfully monitored loads for 100+ strain gauges on the product.

LEM (Lunar Module) – We conducted numerous thermal vacuum tests on LEM components to simulate conditions in outer space.

Longest Test Duration

Fuel Flow Meter Test Set, 10 years!

First Dynamics Test Machine

Our first advanced (for its time) MB-150 Vibration system was purchased in 1969.

Amount of Power Consumed

Approximately 150 billion watts for our entire corporation!

Average Employee Tenure

13 years (certainly not an unlucky number for us!)

Longest Employee Tenure

56 years. We take good care of our people!

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