Ammunition Testing

When you come to DTB, you know that your product is being tested with efficiency and reliability all under one roof. Our 100m indoor shooting range is here to support your ammunition and component testing needs, and our test equipment meet the minimum SAAMI Spec requirements.

Employee working inside the DTB 100 meter Indoor Shooting Range

What makes DTB stand apart from the rest is our unique engineering and testing background. With over 60 years of experience DTB is able to provide NDT inspections, real-time environmental testing, product improvement and engineering evaluations.

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Ammunition Research and Development

  • We specialize in new and custom cartridge development

  • Rigorous FBI ammunition testing protocol

  • Testing completed in 10% ordnance gelatin

    • Test can consist of but is not limited to; shots in bare gelatin, gelatin covered in FBI specification Heavy Clothing, steel, wallboard, plywood, and the toughest challenge of all-laminated automobile safety glass

  • Metallurgical laboratory available to provide material analytical data

  • Engineering and chemical specialists on hand for real time evaluations and problem solving

  • Fragmentation analysis

  • High speed video

  • Velocity Oehler chronograph records of each shot

  • Hardness Testing

  • State-of-the-Art reloading center for on-site adjustments and load development

Setup for Ammunition Testing and Development    Employee performing ammunition testing

Ammunition Testing Standards:

  • SAAMI Z299.1, Pressure and velocity of rimfire sporting ammunition for the use of commercial manufacturers, 1992

  • SAAMI Z299.2, Pressure and velocity of shotshell ammunition of the use of commercial manufacturers, 1992

  • SAAMI Z299.3, Pistol and revolver ammunition of the use of commercial manufacturers, pressure and velocity of centerfire, 1993

  • MIL DTL 1217, Cartridge, caliber .30: armor piercing - M2, version D

  • MIL DTL 3066, Cartridge, caliber .50, armor piercing incendiary – M8; and armor piercing incendiary tracer – M20, version D

  • MIL P 3984 Propellant for small arms ammunition

Recoil Test & Analysis

  • Customized for any model small arms weapon

  • Pistols, Rifles

  • Tri-axial acceleration

  • Strain gauging

  • Velocity & displacement measurements

  • High speed camera work

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