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It takes many months of demanding mental and physical training to become a US Navy Sailor, responsible for deterring aggression against our country and maintaining freedom of the seas. Here at DTB we understand how important it is for our Navy troops to have all their equipment and gear combat-ready from the moment it reaches them. Just as every Navy sailor lives by their code – courage, commitment and teamwork – we at DTB also strongly believe in following these principles. Our staff offers years of experience in rigorously testing and analyzing equipment and spare parts / components for the Navy.

Furthermore, we undertake both Standard and Non-standard testing regimens for the Navy. Standard examples include MIL STD 167 1 or MIL STD 810 to the latest revision. For a list of other military standards that we test to, please visit our MIL-STD Document Library by clicking here. Or we commonly use our engineering staff to determine a unique test or design solution for a unique sailor situation or mission.

Our skilled staff is also qualified to perform Engineering and Re-Engineering work, as well as Environmental, Dynamics, EMI / Electrical, Armament & Munitions, Structural & Fatigue, Failure Analysis and Conformance Inspection projects, both as a prime contractor and in support of other primes.

In addition, DTB’s Test Systems group builds capable, reliable and accurate test stands. The quality of each equipment part is critical to the success of our Navy’s missions. Our vast range of test systems and test stands include Automated Pump Test Stands, Hydraulic Motor Test Stands, General Purpose Component Test Stands, Automated Calibration Test Systems, Custom Fuel Test Stands, Gear Box Test Stands and many more. If none of our listed test systems or test stands are quite what you are looking for, rest assured that DTB can design a tailored test systems solution to meet your needs.

Some recent testing projects for the US Navy include:

  • Testing of aerospace spare parts for Dimensional and Metallurgical Conformance to the specified drawing requirements.

  • Life Extension of various aircraft components, extending the lifetime of these parts and reducing the intermediate maintenance intervals.

  • Material Evaluations and Failure Analysis of aircraft and shipboard component, accompanied by detailed test reports.

  • First Article and Production Lot Testing of shipboard and aircraft components, as well as weapons systems.

  • Design and fabrication of thoroughly dependable Hydraulic Test Stands for Navy components.

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