DTB and the US Army

The US Army is the strongest fighting force in the world, and as such, the men and women it employs are rigorously trained, and possess a high level of confidence, discipline and leadership skills. Such aspects are greatly valued at DTB, where we confidently believe that we are leaders in providing a full range of engineering and testing services to all our Army clients.

For instance, in order for soldiers to function effectively in the harshest of environments, their equipment and gear have to be fully capable of meeting their needs in the same environment. This is where DTB comes in. We can subject equipment to Temperature Testing, Sand & Dust Testing, Humidity Testing, Wind & Rain Exposure, and much more. We are fully equipped for testing to US Army Test Operation Procedures, MIL-STD-810, ATPD 2352 or we can design a unique testing profile for you. DTB is upgrading its ballistic testing capabilities to include 50 Caliber and AP round range capabilities. We have won multiple contracts with various small arms and ammunition manufactures to accelerate their development activities. We specialize in large unit testing work, large chambers + our new T5500 with head expander + 3 inch displacement.

Furthermore, DTB can perform EMI/EMC Testing to all requirements of all versions of MIL-STD-461. We offer exceptional Radiated Susceptibility (Method RS105) testing and now own the largest RS105 simulator of its kind by far, in any U.S. non-government test facility. This requirement is applicable to Army aircraft for safety critical equipment and subsystems located in an external installation. We understand the military needs to ensure that critical equipment survives and/or works properly in extreme circumstances.

Our skilled staff is also qualified to perform Engineering and Re-Engineering work, as well as Armament & Munitions Testing, Structural & Fatigue Testing, Failure Analysis, Metallurgical Analysis and Conformance Inspection projects, as a prime or support contractor.

DTB’s Test Systems group builds capable, reliable and accurate hydraulic test stands. The quality of each equipment part is critical to the success of our Army’s missions. Our vast range of test systems and test stands include Automated Pump Test Stands, Hydraulic Motor Test Stands, General Purpose Component Test Stands, Automated Calibration Test Systems, Custom Fuel Test Stands, Gear Box Test Stands and many more. If none of our listed test systems or test stands are quite what you are looking for, rest assured that DTB can design a tailored test systems solution to meet your needs.

Some recent testing projects for the US Army include:

  • Testing of Helicopter Aerospace Parts for Dimensional and Metallurgical Conformance to the Specified Drawing Requirements.

  • Fatigue Testing of Helicopter Aerospace Parts to qualify Alternate Sources. Each part was qualified by comparison, ensuring that the part manufactured by the Alternate Source exhibits similar lifetime, structural and metallurgical properties to those supplied by the OEM.

  • Evaluation on leaf springs for Army trucks for TACOM..

  • Ballistic Armor and weapons testing including environmental, optical and ballistic performance.

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