Strain Gauge Installation and Strain Gauge Measurement Services

Here at DTB, we have experience with custom strain gauge measurement of customer parts to obtain accurate data in support of structural and fatigue testing services. Applications include most materials such as aluminum, steel, alloys, titanium, fiberglass laminates and carbon fiber composites.

DTB’s Strain Gauge installation facility can accommodate very large aircraft sections that can record and analyze over 200+ channels of strain gauge measurement information. We have multiple engineers and technicians that are trained in gauge selection, surface preparation, adhesive selection, strain gauge installation and wiring services for all types of strain gauge measurement.

Our strain gauge installation technicians have undergone industry standard training courses by recognized field authorities.

Strain gage installation

We’ll be glad to help you with any of the following strain gauge measurement and installation services:

  • Strain Gauge Installation on Metallic and Composite Parts

  • Axial, Bending, Sheer, and Torsion Strain Load Detection

  • Calibration Services

  • Comparison and Analysis of Strain Gauge Predictions

DTB’s experience with strain gauge installation and testing is based on aerospace applications such as the F22, F18, F14, F35, JSF fixed wing aircraft, CH-47 and UH-60 rotorcraft among others. We have also worked on many other applications including missiles, missile adapters to hold missiles, material handling equipment and US Postal service handlers. Our newest strain gauge measurement program is for Spirit commercial aircraft.

Our strain gauge installation technicians pay special attention to the Air Force Guide for verifying the finite element analysis within 10% of the actual measurement. All of our Strain Gauges are purchased from Vishay Micro-Measurements, and can be installed for lab and/or field use.

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