Reverse Engineering Techniques

Parts and Assemblies Redesign

DTB has the capability (skills and equipment) to measure parts and/or assemblies and then reconstruct them as a 3-D model and into 2-D drawings for fabrication.

The engineering design dept plays a large role in the reverse engineering of military aircraft and helicopter structural, mechanical and outside skin panel undocumented parts (ie: aircraft fairings).

CAD - Computer Aided Design


Part Profile Scanning

At Dayton T. Brown, Inc. we can scan your products critical profiles using the latest measurement technology. Point clouds can be generated, imported and evalutated into a CAD model for further development.

We can confirm compliance with your tolerances and display the results with color coded printouts including: nominal part shape, tolerance bands, actual shape and deviations.

We can accommodate your CAD files to define nominal part shape.

Part Scanning using Portable Faro arm CMM to Reverse Engineer EA6B Tailpipe


Data Package Development

With over 50 years of experience in engineering, design and fabrication. DTB can reverse engineer your prototype and develop a complete data package with materials and specifications that is ready for first article production or suitable for immediate procurement.

Technical Data Package Development

DTB can produce deliverable end items in 3-D solids and/or production level drawing packages.

Drafting skills include the preparation of drawings for Technical Data Packages (TDP) in accordance with MIL-DTL-31000, Engineering Drawing Practices in accordance with ASME Y 14.100 and Dimensioning and Tolerancing in accordance with ASME Y14.5M.

Technical Data Package Development


Materials, Processes, Joining Methods, Surface Finishes and Treatments

Reverse engineering programs are undertaken as a team effort in which the metallurgical laboratory participates as one of the team members.

We analyze every metallurgical characteristic (see Conformance Inspections) to determine alloy selection, manufacturing processes such as forging, casting and thermo-mechanical sequences, joining methods, surface finishes such as plating and coating, and surface treatments such as shot peening.

We also specify the governing specifications and participate in developing technical data packages and vendor qualification.

Materials, Processes, Joining Methods, Surface Finishes and Treatments



Product Specification Evaluation / Substitution

DTB can evaluate your (current or) outdated material, testing and product specifications to determine if they are compatible with current materials, manufacturing processes and specifications.

Our experienced staff of engineer and metallurgists will evaluate your requirements and recommend alternative processes and specifications or develop new ones to meet your needs.

Specification Substitution


Product Improvement

In today’s environment, the competition to get products to market, and keep them there, is fierce. DTB can help you improve your products so that you can remain ahead of your competition by applying new materials technologies and manufacturing methods to your current product designs.

Product Improvement Meeting

Our experience, technical expertise, and innovation can help you improve product reliability by evaluating historical product failures or through accelerated life testing performed onsite at DTB.

Whatever the source, we can use the results to recommend alternative materials and or design and process improvements.

Dayton T. Brown routinely provides product improvement solutions to our customers to help them achieve shorter time to market, better product performance and higher quality.

Since we are in the every day business of providing innovative support and are constantly exposed to a wide variety of products and their development, we can provide you with test proven solutions to your product development problems and certification requirements.

Depending on your needs, you can select from the following types of product evaluation programs:

  • Drawing and Technical Documentation Review

  • Prototype Development / Evaluation

  • Design Substantiation Testing

  • Reliability Prediction

  • Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)

  • Life Cycle Analysis

  • Qualification Testing

  • Design Optimization and Recommendations

  • Reliability / Production Lot Testing

Prototype Development and Testing

In addition to reverse engineering products from new or used samples, we have the expertise and experience to help you get your prototype developed and tested.


We can draw on our vast network of approved suppliers to provide the high quality components that your design requires and build your prototype to print.

We have the facilities to perform prototype testing onsite or provide the engineering and technical support for your tests at facilities designated by you.

Prototype Development and Testing


Design for Manufacturing

An innovative product design is all but useless if it can be manufactured.

At DTB, we know that the manufacturability of a product must be considered early in the design phase of a project.

DTB can draw on decades of design engineering and manufacturing experience to design products that can be manufactured with the latest CNC and laser machines and techniques, or we can tailor the design to take advantage of your specific manufacturing equipment.

Design for Manufacturing


Vendor Qualification

DTB can help you down select from a group of potential vendors by conducting quality assurance site surveys with particular attention to calibration, inspection, asset tracking and quality control.

Preliminary manufacturing process sheets are reviewed, approved, and later compare to the process sheets used to manufacture.

First article inspections, proof load and fatigue testing and evaluations are typically part of DTB’s vendor qualification process.

Vendor Qualification


Sample Application - EA6B Tailpipe

DTB successfully reverse engineered the Bellows, Ejector and complete Tailpipe for the U. S. Navy EA-6B aircraft to satisfy a NAVICP requirement to provide the Navy with a new procurement of EA-6B Tailpipes and sub-assembly Bellows and Ejectors to meet the Navy’s shortage of these critical flight safety components.

Reverse Engineering of EA6B Tailpipe

As part of the source qualification effort, DTB conducted on-site quality surveys of potential subcontractors, down-selected and ultimately contracted one of the subcontractors to develop prototype Bellows, Ejector and Tailpipe Assemblies.

Given an incomplete OEM technical data package and no unused sample units, DTB used an articulating 3-axis portable Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) to reverse engineer these components from several used and scrapped Bellows and Tailpipe Assemblies.

The contour and dimensional data obtained from the samples was statistically weighted on the basis of the overall condition of the bellows and developed into a 3-D CAD model. Design improvements, by technology insertion, to address fleet readiness and material availability were made by DTB’s engineering staff.

The contactor was required to submit manufacturing plans, tool designs, manufacturing methods and processes, and material certifications for review and acceptance by DTB. Weld samples also had to be submitted for evaluation and acceptance. Preproduction units were manufactured, inspected and fit-checked prior to acceptance for production.

During production, DTB led an extensive collaborative effort to refine and redefine the acceptance criteria regarding scratches, nicks, dents, dings, and gouges on the bellows nodes of production bellows assemblies and allowable rework.

DTB’s expertise and attention to all aspects of the reverse engineering effort lead to a successful production start up.

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