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Teaming and Collaboration

Dayton T. Brown, Inc. has numerous Teaming Agreements in place with other commercial companies to combine resources to bid on major government contracts. Teaming agreements allow DTB to expand its knowledge base and experience in many areas to support research and development efforts. Based on the requirements of the contract, DTB either assumes to role of the Prime Contractor or Subcontractor.

DTB’s Teaming Agreements typically also include a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect any ‘Proprietary Information’ shared between companies.

Teaming with DTB


SBIR Teaming

Dayton T. Brown, Inc. has submitted several innovative research & development proposals to the U.S. Department of Defense - Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program in the following topic areas:

  • Shock Sensitive Circuit Breaker

  • Structural Sensing of Corrosion in 5XXX-Series Aluminum

  • Non-Contact Process to Enhance the Fatigue Life of Aluminum Cold Work Fastener Holes

  • Improved Accelerated Life Testing

  • Hook Point Material Evaluation Test Facilities for the Evaluation of Cable Groove and Back Face Wear

DTB has teamed with other commercial companies to combine resources in several of the topic areas noted.


Navy Prototyping

DTB has the facilities, personnel and partnerships in place to support Prototype Development. Many times, Prototype Development crosses over and is a sub component of a larger program in the realm of Value Engineering, Reverse Engineering, Product Enhancement, Cost Reduction, Life Extension, Diminishing Aircraft Parts and Manufacturers.

DTB has the expertise and suppliers capable of designing and fabricating precision parts for multiple applications within the land base, shipboard and aerospace communities.

Examples of these include the fabrication of EA-6B tail pipes and E-2C Hydraulic Actuators. Land base equipment includes Ejection Seat and Aircraft Wing Dolleys.


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