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Ammunition Research and Development

  • Rigorous FBI Ammunition Testing Protocol

  • Testing completed in 10% ordnance gelatin

    • Test can consist but is not limited to; shots in bare gelatin, gelatin covered in FBI specification Heavy Clothing, steel, wallboard, plywood, and the toughest challenge of all-laminated automobile safety glass

  • Metallurgical laboratory available to provide material analytical data

  • Engineering and Chemical Specialists on hand for real time evaluations and problem solving

  • Fragmentation Analysis

  • High Speed video

  • Velocity Chronograph records of each shot

  • State-of-the-Art reloading center for on-site adjustments and load development

  • Active Tri-state and local law enforcement available for consultation on products and performance

  • DOD Certified Vault

    • DoD Manual 5100.76

    • DoD Manual 4145.26

    • DoD Manual 5220.22m

    • FAR Part 45 – Government Property

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