RTCA/DO-160 Testing for Commercial Aircraft

RTCA/DO-160 Testing for Commercial Aircraft

Dayton T. Brown, Inc. can test to RTCA/DO-160A, B, C, D, E and F.

RTCA/DO-160 testing covers standard procedures and environmental test criteria for testing airborne electronic equipment (avionics) for the entire spectrum of aircraft, from light general aviation aircraft and helicopters through to the “jumbo jet” and “supersonic transport” classes of aircraft. It is also coordinated with EUROCAE (European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment).

Per RTCA/DO-160 testing standards, we can perform Emissions and Susceptibility testing to 40 GHz.

Our DO-160 testing equipment can generate Radiated Susceptibility fields in excess of 2000 V/m across the frequency range of 10 kHz to 40 GHz.

Dayton T. Brown, Inc. now has the capability to perform Voltage Spike testing to the requirements of Airbus ABD0100.1.8 and AMD24C. Voltage Spikes in aircraft power systems can be caused by electric motors starting and stopping and switching of power busses, Auxiliary Power Units (APU) and engine generators.

Susceptibility of avionic equipment is becoming increasingly crucial as fly-by-wire systems and electric motor drives proliferate. This high voltage test is required for electronic equipment intended for Airbus aircraft including the A350 and the A400M. DTB can perform testing on multiple power input cables simultaneously as specified in ABD0100.1.8.

We are A2LA accredited for RTCA/DO-160 testing to the latest revision, and have large anechoic test chambers, with high current DC and AC sources available. We also offer state-of-the-art lightning testing as part of our DO 160 testing capabilities.

Our EMI/EMC RTCA DO-160 Testing Capabilities:

Save time and money and get your environmental testing performed here as well.

*this DO-160 testing is completed at a partner lab.

Boeing Testing Standards

  • D6-16050-4, D6-16050-5

  • D6-44588

Airbus Testing Standards

  • ABD0100.1.2

  • ABD0100.1.8

DTB is uniquely capable of being your one-stop solution for RTCA DO-160 testing. Not only is our world-class equipment fully able to run all the relevant DO-160 testing for the EMI/EMC sections, but our numerous environmental chambers of all sizes can accommodate your product for the climatic sections of the RTCA/DO-160 testing standard as well.

In addition, our 15 electrodynamic and hydraulic multi-axis shakers can expertly handle the relevant vibration testing sections of the DO 160 testing spec.

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