MIL SPECS for Climatic and Environmental Testing Services

MIL-STD-810 G Environmental Testing:


MIL-STD-108 Environmental Testing:

The spec MIL-STD-108 defines and lists the basic requirements for enclosures for environmental protection of electric and electronic equipment. Per MIL-STD-108, an enclosure is defined by the environmental protection it provides to its contents. In some cases, MIL-STD-108 covers physical protection to the equipment or to personnel. MIL-STD-108 makes references to MIL-E-2036 as well as MIL-STD-810.

Please see our MIL SPECS Document Library to view a copy of MIL-STD-108. The types of environmental testing covered by MIL-STD-108 are listed in this document in a user-friendly table format. The tests detailed in MIL-STD-108 include submergence tests, dust tests, drip tests, and so on.


RTCA/DO-160 Testing

Dayton T. Brown, Inc. can test to RTCA/DO-160A, B, C, D, and E. RTCA/DO-160 covers standard procedures and environmental test criteria for testing airborne electronic equipment (avionics) for the entire spectrum of aircraft, from light general aviation aircraft and helicopters through to the “jumbo jet” and “supersonic transport” classes of aircraft. Coordinated with EUROCAE (European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment), RTCA/DO-160D and its European twin, EUROCAE/ED-14D, are worded identically.

We can perform Emissions and Susceptibility testing to 40 GHz. Our equipment can generate Radiated Susceptibility fields well in excess of 200 V/m across the frequency range of 10 kHz to 40 GHz.

We are A2LA accredited for RTCA/DO-160 testing, and have large anechoic test chambers, with high current DC and AC sources available, and offer state-of-the-art lightning testing as part of our RTCA/DO-160 capabilities.


RTCA/DO-160 Environmental Testing:

Save time and money and get your EMI/EMC testing performed here as well.

*completed at a partner lab.


  • D6-16050-4, D6-16050-5

  • D6-44588


  • ABD0100.1.2

  • ABD0100.1.8



Please see our MIL SPECS Document Library to view a copy of this electronics enclosures specification. MIL-STD-2036 covers naval shipboard testing requirements, which includes environmental testing.

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