EMI Testing and EMC Testing

Aircraft EMI/EMC Testing

Whether your product is intended for military, industrial, commercial or residential use, it must perform its intended function in the electromagnetic environment, through use of EMI/EMC testing.

Also, its operation must not degrade the performance of other systems. This requirement might be voluntary, imposed by the customer or by regulation.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing requires appropriate electrical and structural design, equipment installation, wiring installation, and equipment qualification.

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) testing is performed to ensure that your product will perform properly when subjected to the electromagnetic environment in which it is expected to operate.

Each system must be compatible with itself, other systems, and external environment to ensure required performance and to prevent costly redesigns for the resolution of problems.

External to the system are electromagnetic effects such as lightning, electromagnetic pulse (EMP), electrostatic discharge and man-made RF transmissions.

Internal to the system are electromagnetic effects such as electronic noise emissions, self-generated RF transmissions from antennas, and cross coupling of electrical currents.

Whether your project is in design, development, pre-compliance or qualification, DTB is the right choice for your EMI/EMC testing needs.

DTB’s outstanding staff of experienced, NARTE certified engineers and technicians, coupled with the depth and breadth of our EMI/EMC testing facilities, can help you bring your EMI/EMC testing project to completion in a minimum of time and expense.

Find out the many ways we can help you, by clicking below to get details on our EMI Testing, EMC Testing and Electrical Testing methods:

SAMPLE APPLICATION: Rail Transportation EMI/EMC Testing


You may also be intrested in our extensive line-up of EMI/EMC Equipment and Facilities.

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