Dimensional Inspection

Our experienced staff of technicians and engineers can perform dimensional inspection on your part/product to assure the part's/product’s compliance with its design specifications by assessing the geometric characteristics that can affect both the reliability and functionality of the part/product, within the desired level of accuracy and in accordance with the guidelines of ASME Y14.5.

We have temperature controlled 1000 sq. ft. dimensional lab equipped with three Coordinate Measuring Machines (Leitz, Mitutoyo and Starett), a Computer controlled Optical Comparator, and a surface roughness measuring station

Our conventional open setup measuring equipment feature three large surface plates, height gages, calipers, micrometers, over 250 thread gages and over 1000 plug gages.

Gear Inspection Using Leitz CMM


First Article Inspection

DTB routinely performs First Article Testing (FAT) for testing for military and commercial suppliers.

A complete FAT begins with a review of the technical data package supplied and a visual examination of the part.

Our dimensional Inspection plan starts with a complete review of the drawing datum structure and features.

The appropriate dimensional equipment is selected depending on part tolerances, accessibility and measurement efficiency.

Upon completion of the inspection the actual values are recorded on the data sheet and reviewed by engineering. The part can undergo a Non Destructive Inspection, hardness and or a destructive metallurgical analysis.


CAD Based Inspection

At Dayton T. Brown, Inc. we can scan your products critical profiles using the latest measurement technology.

We can confirm compliance with your tolerances and display the results with color coded printouts including: nominal part shape, tolerance bands, actual shape and deviations.

We can accommodate your CAD files to define nominal part shape or develop one from your supplied drawings.

CAD Based Inspection

Profile Inspection of 30mm Gun Track on Mitutoyo CMM

Profile Inspection of 30mm Gun Track on Mitutoyo CMM


Dimensional Lab Equipment and Capabilities

Leitz CMM

The Leitz model 12 10 6 Coordinate Measuring Machine is of laboratory grade with accuracies to 0.002mm.

It has a measurement volume of 47 x 39 x 24 inches and a maximum weight capacity of 3,000 pounds. The Leitz CMM is installed in DTB’s temperature controlled dimensional lab on an 8 x 6 x 4 foot concrete slab designed to minimize externally induced vibrations.

The Leitz CMM is programmable, allowing automatic measurements of multiple part samples. An analog probe allows continuous scanning in all three axes simultaneously. Its Quindos software provides geometric tolerancing calculations along with gear and spline measurement capability.

Leitz model 12 10 6 Coordinate Measuring Machine


Mitutoyo CMM

Model Crysta-Apex C 7106, is a direct computer controlled high speed programmable CMM with a measuring range of 27 in x 39 in x 23 in and an accuracy ± .0002”.

Capabilities include 2D and 3D measurement analysis, GD and T evaluations, form, contour and inspection to CAD models. The CMM is fitted with a Motorized Renishaw touch trigger probe.

Mitutoyo Model Crysta-Apex C 7106 CMM Screen shot from Mitutoyo CMM


Surface Roughness Measurement

The dimensional lab contains a (Mahr-Federal) digitally filtered, non-skidded probe surface roughness measuring station.

It is capable of surface roughness analysis per ASME B46.1.



Optical Comparator

We have a programmable (Optical Gauging Products) optical Comparator with auto-edge detection and capabilities of 10X, 20X and 50X magnifications.


Capabilities include: 2D measurement analysis and GD and T evaluations.


The comparator can be run manually or under direct computer control using either surface or profile illumination.

Dimensional inspection using optical comparator


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