Composite Materials Testing

If it's composite materials testing that you need, contact us now! We offer fast and flexible scheduling for your composite materials testing needs.

DTB has a proven track record in Structural Analysis, Simulation, and Testing of both metallic and composite materials.

Aircraft, Aerospace, Transportation, Military and Recreational Products all may require composite materials testing. Composite materials often provide increased strength and stiffness with a reduction of weight.

Loading due to impact, shock, or repeated cyclic exposure can cause separation between material layers that pulls individual fibers from the matrix, or the breakage of individual fibers.

Delamination or damaged fibers cause degradation of strength and can ultimately lead to failure of the part.

Composite materials testing goes hand-in-hand with tensile and fatigue testing. These tests consist of subjecting coupon samples or complete structures to test loading to establish the static strength, fatigue and damage tolerance of the parts.

Periodically during composite materials testing, parts are inspected for cracks or delamination. Non-destructive inspection methods include ultrasound, x-ray and shearography.

DTB provides a full range of composite material testing services including tensile and compression testing. This ranges from coupon samples to complete structures.

Dayton T. Brown can also provide ultrasound, x-ray, shearography inspection, strain gage installation and monitoring.

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