Body Armor Testing to NIJ Standard 0101.06

The NIJ (National Institute of Justice) Ballistics Testing standard, NIJ 0101.06, calls for Environmental Conditioning Testing in order to subject body armor to simulated conditions of heat, moisture, and mechanical damage.

Body Armor Conditioning Testing

Improvements in the standard are a result of an extensive engineering study to address real world conditions that can degrade body armor performance.

The revisions to this standard come after recent unfortunate incidents where bullets penetrated the body armor.

The NIJ 0101.06 standard takes into account the degradation of armor over time. It includes specifications for mechanical agitation, humidity levels, water immersion, and temperature.

DTB is able to carry out the Body Armor Conditioning Testing required to meet this standard, by providing cyclical temperature and humidity exposure, while tumbling the vest samples.

Count on DTB to test your product properly, and face your customers with confidence. We stand apart from the rest by offering:

  • The largest capacity for body armor conditioning testing in the country

  • Confirmation testing for Law Enforcement and Corrections agencies

  • R&D testing for body armor manufacturers, including many additional R&D tests such as UV exposure, salt exposure etc.

  • Efficient testing services and quick turnaround time on your project



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  • NIJ Standard 0101.04, Ballistic Resistance of Personal Body Armor, Revision A, June 2001

  • Handcuff/Restraints Testing (NIJ Standard 0307.01)

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  • MIL B 44194, Body armor, fragmentation protective, undergarment, combat vehicle crewmen’s, version A

  • MIL B 44314, Body armor, small arms protective, aircrewman, 1987

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Body Armor Video for Procurement


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