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Your product will go through a lot of wear and tear during its life cycle. What you don’t want is for it to repeatedly break down before its time. After all, if you are guaranteeing your customer that the product will last them a certain period of time, it pays to know that it really will!

DTB’s Life Cycle Testing Services not only enable you to project or establish your product’s longevity before failure, but also help improve it by identifying the weak points in the product’s design, thereby focusing your improvement efforts only on the areas that need them.

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Accelerated Life Cycle Testing

Automatic Passenger Restraint Life Cycle Test

DTB has the facilities, expertise and experience to conduct accelerated life cycle testing on a wide variety of products. This type of testing is conducted using aggressive test condition profiles and potential rates of change. Conditions that can be varied include vibration levels, temperature, humidity, structural load, altitude,  electrical loading and engine loading.

DTB can work with your engineers to develop custom load profiles for this type of testing. Examples of products tested at DTB in this manner include plumbing fixtures, diesel engines, aircraft arresting gear, and electrical components.

For all these tests, field measurements of the actual product environment were used to develop aggressive test parameters that quickly exercised the product, in a realistic manner.

Depending on the type of product and test, DTB facilities can handle large test items and high test levels. From 400,000 lb proof loads to the vacuum of space our facilities can handle extreme test requirements.


Life Cycle Testing with Environmental Exposure

Environmental Test

AT DTB, environmental exposure testing has been conducted on many types of products, both commercial and military. Even for large systems DTB can develop appropriate regimes of realistically challenging environments to add to life cycle tests.

Salt fog, SO2 (acid rain) exposure, dust, sand or ground metallic dust are all examples of contaminants that we have used to provide aggressive environments for testing.

On large components this testing can be broken out by testing smaller coupons with the results applied to the larger system through the use of “knockdown factors”. This can reduce testing time and expense by allowing large components to be tested under laboratory conditions while maintaining confidence of system performance, overall, under specific adverse environments.


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